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The Old Wheeler Hotel sits right off of Highway 101, overlooking Nehalem Bay. It used to be right along a railroad, where trains hauled lumber products from the sawmill operated by the Wheeler Lumber Company. Construction on the hotel started in 1920 and took four years to complete. Now, nearly a century later, it’s much more than a stop for travelers.

In its heyday, the hotel’s business grew with the lumber trade. But, after just a few years, it shut down when the stock markets crashed. The Old Wheeler Hotel was later turned into a hospital and earned a national reputation as a pain clinic for new, experimental techniques. Time turned once more, and the building eventually turned back into a hotel again. But many in town, still remember its past.

“When it comes to the paranormal research of things, you’re looking for details that tell the past of a specific location, not just a region,” said Verburg. “You did have a hospital, you did have a hotel, you had a place of leisure, you had a place of pain—all rolled up into one location.”‎

Reported Paranormal Activity:

This lovely old Coastal Oregon hotel has scenic views and friendly people, some of whom don’t want to leave, even after death. Just a couple of reviewers mentioned a spooky feel to the Old Wheeler. “Very eerie,” said one, “very Twilight Zone,” but that was about the general atmosphere of the old building. A former owner saw the reflection of a man sitting behind him and spun around to find empty space. The man was dressed like a pioneer, but all in black. The owner would frequently catch a glimpse of somebody out of the corner of his eye, but again, no-one was there. During the extensive renovation work things would go wrong, strange things that seemed to have some intent behind them. As work progressed the incidences stopped. The stage at the nearby Winery has abundance of spooky tales as well, cajoling two groups of ghost hunters. One group said they encountered the spirit of a young girl playing in the place, happy to carouse by herself there in the afterlife. The local watering hole The Sea Shack has rumors of hauntings. At the very northern end of Wheeler, a woman got the permits to have her own home burned down in the 90’s, saying it was haunted by children of native tribes. Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery for some amazing photos. ‎

Our Paranormal Investigation:

Our investigators reserved rooms 1, 3, and 6 and were later changed to rooms 1, 5 & 6.  The owners have asked us not to post pictures or findings on our investigation. No Pictures will be posted.‎