WestSound Paranormal is currently accepting new Membership applications.

West Sound Paranormal is a professional research team, designed to help further the understanding of paranormal phenomena and to help clients who are experiencing unexplained and potentially frightening phenomena. If you are interested in joining West Sound Paranormal, please read the following requirements for membership and complete the application.

West Sound Paranormal membership guidelines

  1. WSP will not, under any circumstances, accept any person under the age of 18 as a member.
  2. WSP will not accept anyone who is currently a member of another investigation team.
  3. WSP members are expected to make efforts to attend as many investigations, meetings, and other group sponsored events, as well as to be available and financially able to travel out of state if needed for a case. (Please note, cases that are determined to be too far of a driving distance will be referred to an affiliate research group that is closer to the client’s location)
  4. WSP does not advocate the use of divination, Ouija boards, or ceremonial magic of any sort during investigations.
  5. WSP members are expected to abide by the rules and guidelines put in place by the Board of Trustees, this includes a dress code, the signing of several legally binding contracts (put in place to protect the privacy of our clients), etc.
  6. WSP members may find themselves in threatening, dangerous, and even potentially fatal situations on investigations. Members are required to sign a waiver that releases the team from any responsibility for injury.
  7. WSP members are expected to act professionally, and respectfully at all times.

Membership Application

If, after reading these few guidelines, you are still interested in applying for membership, please click  HERE.