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The original Heathman Hotel was built in 1926. It was an 11-story fireproof building with more than 300 rooms. The building was part of George Heathman Jr.’s trio of hotels. He also owned the Roosevelt Hotel just west of the park Block near Salmon Street and a year later in 1927 sold the original Heathman Hotel for $750,000 and used the money to build the “new” Heathman Hotel at Southwest Broadway and Salmon Street. The original Heathman Hotel is now a single-room occupancy apartment. Both Buildings are named on the National Register of Historic Places.

 Reported Paranormal Activity:

Rooms 703, 803, as well as 1003, are reputed to be the most haunted rooms in the Heathman Hotel. Paranormal events have been regularly reported in all three rooms. Cold spots, inexplicable sounds, and poltergeist activity have been reported by guests of the hotel. People who have spent a night in the rooms have said that they have seen a hazy face staring at them from the dark corners of the room. Videos taken in the room reveal strange shadows too.

Guests who left the room in order to enjoy the city and many of the hotel’s amenities came back to find their towels used, furniture and other items moved. The hotel’s front desk has also received several calls from guests reporting paranormal activity.

The mystery behind the rooms which end in 03 could be attributed to a suicide which took place from the floors above. A psychic who saw the ghost at the end of the bed in room 803 did say that someone had jumped to their death and is now haunting all the rooms which he passed on his way down.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

There were three of us Investigators. We had reserved Room 703, which has a Queen Size bed. We also requested an additional roll-away bed since there were three of us, Investigators, staying the night. When we checked in, we were told a roll-away bed would not fit in that room. We changed our room to 715.

When we entered our room, one of our investigators noted a used towel in the bathroom. The rest of the room was clean and tidy. We unpacked and left the room to go check out room 703 which was being cleaned at the time. The hostess was very nice, she let us come in and take pictures. When we returned to our room, all three of our Key cards would not unlock our door. This occurred 7 or 8 times during our one-night stay.

Before leaving the hotel room for a few hours we set up some equipment. One was a video camera we used with a small tabletop tripod. We placed it on the stand next to the bed behind the lamp. The lamp base had a perfect opening which allowed us to place the camera behind it and we had it pointed at the door. We expected we would catch the hotel employee come in and make up the hide-a-bed. What we caught was our video camera sliding to the right approx. 6 inches out from behind the lamp. No one had entered the room.

Paranormal activity continued:

We also set up a “Truth Cam” in the sitting area. A Truth CAM is a stationary camera used for surveillance. It is activated by motion. The camera took a series of pictures even before we left the room. One of the pictures has a ghostly image in it while the pictures a second before and a second later did not.

Remember each time we left and came back we had to get Key Cards re-keyed.

Before checking out the next morning we tried using the flashlight to communicate with any spirit. One of the investigators set up a flashlight and asked a series of questions over a 20 minute period. The flashlight turned on and off as if answering our questions. On for Yes

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