Place: Eliza Thompson House (rm 112)

Location: Savannah, GA

Date of Investigation: 5/01/16


Built in 1847 by Joseph Thompson for his wife Elizabeth and their seven children, the Elizabeth Thompson House was originally a private residence. The bed and breakfast has 25 rooms- 13 in the main house and 12 in the carriage house. The Eliza Thompson house is considered by many to be the most haunted hotel in Savannah.
Joseph Thompson was a successful businessman who made his money as both a real estate developer and as a buyer and seller of cotton. Joseph died the same Autumn that construction on the house completed – leaving his wife a lonely widow and to raise their 5 daughters and 2 sons alone. Rather than selling the estate and the business Eliza decided to manage her husbands investments and continued to live in the large home after his death.

Eliza died in 1890, 43 years after her husband’s death. Eliza’s daughters continued to live in the house until the 1920s when it was sold to a doctor. In the 1950s a dentist purchased the home and used it for a dental office and living quarters. It did not become a hotel until 1977.

Reported Activity:
Eliza Thompson lost one son to the Civil War while her other son survived the war only to be fatally kicked by a horse in his own front yard. James died at home as a result of the fatal kick and can now be seen in room #132. Most reports of paranormal activity involve seeing the ghost of a Civil War soldier in this room and many belive the spirit to be Eliza’s son, James. The soldier is seen looking out of the window or sitting on the couch. Interestingly, the ghost only appears from the waist up.

Guests also report being kept up all night by children playing in their room. Other reports of paranormal sightings in this hotel include a cat and of course a lady in white who roams the corridors at night.

Our Investigation:

Here’s a quick update. We stayed the night and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, however we will be reviewing our Audio and Video when we return home. We’ll update this post afterwards.