Place: 17Hundred90 (rm 204)

Location: Savannah, GA

Date of Investigation: 4/30/16


Located in the historic district, the 17hundred90 Inn is Savannah’s oldest haunted hotel. Despite actually being built in 1820 it still unclear why the hotel was ultimately named the 17hundred90 Inn. The hotel is 3 stories tall with a restaurant and tavern located on the ground floor and 14 suites located on the second and third floors. The hotel is one of the most popular paranormal tourist destinations with nearly every haunted pub crawl stopping in the bar of the 17hundred90 Inn. At one time the hotel required guests to sign a waiver stating that they would not ask for a refund even if they chose not to stay the whole night.

There are two ghosts said to haunt the hotel but most reports of paranormal activity surround the ghost of Anne Powell, a young girl who fell from the window of room #204. There are three versions of the story surrounding what ultimately led to her death all of the them agree that Anne Powell had a fling with a young man which resulted in her getting pregnant. She soon became smitten with the sailor and planned to marry him. The sailor later left for sea but not before promising to return and marry her. But it was not to be as the young man never really intended to come back for her. After finding out the truth Anne jumped to her death from room #204.

Reported Activity:

The most common reports of paranormal activity come from guests that stay at the hotel involves missing items such as wallets, jewelry, keys and even under garments. The items are always later found hidden in the room. Men and women also report different encounters with Anne while staying in her room. Female guests often report finding their nightgown had been removed from their luggage and laid out on the bed as if someone were getting ready to put it on. Male guests report the following: (1) they awake to find Anne leaning over them and watching them sleep, (2) they will see her sitting in the chair by the window while crying or (3) they will actually see her leap from the window.

The second ghost that is said to haunt the first floor restaurant and tavern is the spirit of a young African American servant who is said to have practiced voodoo. Those who have seen this disturbing apparition report that she especially dislikes women and is even known to target and torment female employees of the restaurant and bar. Women often report being pushed, tripped or having their hair pulled.

Our Investigation:

Upon checking in one of the first things that happened was the distinct sound of a phone vibrating while on mute. All three of us ladies looked at each other and agreed that someone must have left their phone behind so we pulled apart the couch to find the source of the noise only to find nothing that could have caused the very distinct sound of a phone on vibrate that we heard. We searched the entire room and found nothing that could have caused that noise.

When we were getting ready in the bathroom, the lights would get bright and then dim and then bright again.  The telephone would randomly light up as well. The Audio recorder I had in my purse came on in the middle of the night and started playing back our audio recordings. Apparently Anna is known for “messing with electricity”.

The coolest things that happened were actually something we caught on camera.  Anna apparently has an affinity for digging through women’s luggage to get her hands on some skivvies. Well we can vouch for that. Upon reviewing our video recordings you can clearly see the Carry-on bag that was sitting on the bed slowly open. The lid of the bag lifts up and folds over.  You can check out this footage and decide for yourself if Anna was behind this.