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With money to spend, the residents of Old Virgin Town needed someplace to blow off steam. The Washoe Club, appropriately nicknamed “The Millionaire’s Club,” was where the newly rich lived out their wildest fantasies. Men bellied up to the bar for heavy drinking and business talk as they imagined new ways to expand their growing empires. They played games of chance and were caroused with prostitutes.

Like any good VIP hangout, the Millionaire’s Club had 1 respectable main entrance and 2 secret rear exits for the patrons’ discretion. Prostitutes could come and go through these secret doors and tipsy patrons could be removed quietly. But not all of the people coming and going were so feisty — or, for that matter, alive. One room in the building was used to hold dead bodies while gravediggers waited for the ground to thaw during cold winters.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

Today this space is still home to a working bar said to be haunted by a trio of ghosts. An attractive blonde apparition is known as the “Lady in Blue” is often spotted at the top of the spiral staircase. Some patrons have also spied the ghost of a scared little girl. The third ghost, an old-time prospector, causes a ruckus by snatching unattended drinks from the bar. Modern-day bartenders indulge their penchant for the drink by leaving a full shot of bourbon on the bar before closing down for the night.

Come morning, the glass is always empty. Disappearing drinks, mysteriously locking doors and tipping barstools are just some of the bar’s paranormal activities. It seems the whiskey-loving ghost also keeps his eye on the ladies — witnesses have seen the front door swing open for some women as they enter the bar.

The Washoe Club was featured on Ghost Hunters in Season 4, Episode 408. The Ghost Adventures crew also investigated the club and received one of the most convincing pieces of paranormal evidence to date.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

We enjoyed investigating the Old Washoe Club on August 25, 2009 however our investigation was inconclusive.

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