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The Groveland Hotel was born during the California Gold Rush and underwent an expansion in 1914 to accommodate executives from the city of San Francisco who needed a place to stay during the construction of the nearby Hetch-Hetchy dam. After the dam was finished, the little town languished and the property became a residential hotel. One of its residents was a prospector named Lyle, who looked for gold in the nearby creek.

By all accounts, Lyle died peacefully in his sleep and it was several days before anyone realized he was gone. Nevertheless, he must have had some unfinished business because his spirit seems to have stayed behind.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

Groveland Hotel guests report all kinds of odd happenings in “Lyle’s Room” room 15 (which is also the hotel’s most popular room). Lyle, who is said to be a tall, thin man with a beard who wears a straw hat does not like ladies’ cosmetics on his dresser and will either knock them to the floor or carry them to the bathroom. Lyle is also known to turn the water on and off, an event owner Peggy Mosley and her husband once experienced when they were the only people in the building.

Recent investigations have revealed that Lyle has company. The Northern California Paranormal Investigators found at least two more ghosts, one of them a man (who may have died during a violent event following a card game) who is often seen in the dining room and a young woman in a wedding dress who wanders the courtyard looking for her groom.

If you decide to stay at the Groveland hoping to meet Lyle, you should know that he’s a traveler, too. Staff members say he sometimes goes away for extended periods of time, perhaps to visit his girlfriend at the Charlotte Hotel across the street.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

We investigated the Groveland Hotel on August 27, 2009, however, our investigation was inconclusive.

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