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Paranormal Mirabeau Park Hotel


Mirabeau Park Hotel is located in a hot spot with 76 surrounding lakes and 49 golf courses. They are an award-winning and the only full-service hotel in the Spokane Valley. With over 17,000 square feet of meeting space and on-site catering personnel. They are in the midst of a multi-million dollar renovation. They offer everything to accommodate the business traveler or an entire family. 

Reported Paranormal Activity:

Numerous employees have experienced very frightening encounters with these ghosts. A former employee reports there are many places in the hotel that are haunted by different things. A man committed suicide in one of the rooms close to the front desk and none of the housekeepers like that room. The 3rd floor in the back has a friendly gentleman ghost. There are a couple of rooms that the more intuitive employees won’t get anywhere near.

This hotel has a few hauntings according to both guests and staff. In one of the rooms closest to the main desk, a guest committed suicide. The housekeepers don’t like to clean that room. A woman and her two children are often seen in the hallways. They’ve caused mischief in many of the guest’s rooms. On the third floor, one ghost asks the housekeepers for towels but immediately disappears.

A woman and her two children have been seen wandering the halls.  The children have been reported to cause mischief among the rooms. Numerous employees have experienced frightening encounters with these ghosts.  In 2006, a former staff member said different places in the hotel are haunted by different things.  

Investigators have caught an EVP of a woman’s voice saying “Dockery. This was located on the 3rd-floor landing of the front stairway to the building.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

Four investigators from WestSound Paranormal investigated the hotel. We have determined it is Not Haunted!

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