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Tucked in scenic Spokane Valley, Mirabeau Park Hotel, formerly the Valley Doubletree is located in a hot spot with 76 surrounding lakes and 49 golf courses. Despite its luxurious amenities, however, there have been a few frights. A man killed himself in a room near the front desk, and the third floor is rumored to house a friendly ghost who asks the maids over and over for fresh towels.

Reported Activity:

Numerous employees have experienced very frightening encounters with these ghosts. December 2006 additional information / Correction: A former employee reports there are many places in the hotel that are haunted by different things. A man committed suicide in one of the rooms close to the front desk and none of the housekeepers like that room. The 3rd floor in the back has a friendly gentleman ghost that asks the housekeepers and night bellman for towels and such but is gone before they can get a room number. There are a couple of rooms that the more intuitive employees won’t get anywhere near.

A woman and her two children have been seen wandering the halls, and they have been reported to cause mischief among the rooms. Numerous employees have experienced very frightening encounters with these ghosts.  In 2006, a former staff member said different places in the hotel are haunted by different thing.  There are definitely rooms none of the employees will ever go in.

While investigating the 3rd floor of the back building of hotel, Investigators have caught an EVP of a woman’s voice saying “Dockery or Dockerie. This was located on the 3rd floor landing of the front stairway to building.

Our Investigation:

Not Haunted!

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