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A Victorian picture set in “The Town Too Tough to Die”, Tombstone, Arizona. Built-in 1881, it was once a house of ill-fame owned by Big Nose Kate. The Tombstone Bordello was originally located on a site at the east end of Allen Street but was moved in 1923 to make way for the Tombstone High School. In 1973, a Tombstone judge and his wife lovingly restored and updated the house to include modern amenities. It was converted to a bed and breakfast many years ago.

Dusty and Lynda are the latest caretakers of this wonderful old building. They have built a house over the old Bordello in an effort to protect it from the ravages of time and to preserve its historic past. With careful attention to detail and lots of help from the local contractor, the old Bordello stands as a modern-day testament of its time.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

his former Victorian bordello is reportedly home to a lot of paranormal activity, with guests and staff having experiences in many of the rooms. The most common spirit haunting its rooms is that of a miner who died whilst in a scuffle outside of the building. He’s been known to appear from time to time, and on occasion, he makes advances towards women!

Our Paranormal Investigation:

We investigated this bed and breakfast on September 20, 2013. Shortly after checking in, we experienced our first paranormal experience. Two investigators, watched a small cookie container fly out of a backpack sitting upright on one of the beds. When we mentioned this to the staff she said it was one of the lady spirits helping us unpack. Something she was known to do time after time. 

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