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Hotel Leger


The Hotel de France was purchased by George Leger in 1853. It was reconstructed as a one-story stone structure after the 1854 fire. Twenty years later in 1874, the current two-story building was built and incorporated the former Courthouse. It has served as the social center of town for over 160 years.

Hotel Leger is one of the oldest continuously operating hotels in California. The basement of the Hotel Léger was the first meeting place of E Clampus Vitus. Léger bought the court building and incorporated it into his hotel. One reason was that it was made of stone and thus had survived two fires that had ravaged the town previously.

After restoration following another fire in 1874, the hotel became known as the Hotel Léger, and it has been in operation ever since. The bar, which features a stained-glass back bar with the date 1851 in it, reportedly came around Cape Horn and has been in continuous use.

The former courthouse building was also the location of the county jail, and remnants of the jail cells can still be seen in the building’s cellar.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

The hotel has the reputation of being haunted by several spirits. Guests and employees have claimed to see the ghost of George Leger. Leger was assassinated in the Hotel in 1879. Other Spirits in the Hotel include the Lady in White in Room 2 and a young boy in Room 3.”

More recent, and possibly more authentic, claims of ghostly sightings describe George Leger wandering Room 7, a woman crying for her child in Room 2, a child playing by the fireplace in Room 3. A former owner of the Hotel Leger describes seeing smoke and fire in the bar area multiple times when no fire was present upon closer inspection.

Our Investigation:

Let me begin by saying this was our second Investigation at the Hotel Leger. We arrived around 5 pm. During the check-in process and we were a little shocked when we realized no other guests would be there. The same thing happened to us on our first stay. We were shocked again when the new owners handed us the keys to our rooms and to the front door. They asked us to lock the front door before retiring to our rooms for the night.  They told us they never stay overnight. Once again we were three women all alone in a haunted hotel and once again we were excited and nervous at the same time. I mean really, who leaves total strangers in their place of the business alone overnight? who or what is protecting the Hotel and all its fortune? 

After two investigations we still believe there is Paranormal activity at this location.

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