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Bremerton Community Theatre started life as part of a drama program. Intended for the war-workers drawn to the Navy Yard during the war. The City of Bremerton had expanded from about 15,000 populations in 1939 to an estimated 75,000 by 1943. 

The federal government allotted money to cities like Bremerton to pay for recreation programs. Some of that money was allocated to the City Park and Recreation Department for an amateur drama program. On May 6, 1976, the theatre opened with the play The Patriots. It was the 124th play since Community Theatre began operating in 1944. They had finally moved from a little wooden building to a new building built to be a theatre from the start. 

They operated for 30 years in a little theatre seating 72 people, with a stage only 16′ square. In the new building, 192 theatre seats, and a 25′ deep stage with a fancy stage rigging system.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

Lots of ghost sightings have been reported at the theater.  There is a ghost up in the catwalk above where the lights are for the stage. Unexplainable occurrences, such as odd noises, untouched doors that open and shut on their own, and boxes that move out of place within a matter of moments.

Up in the costume loft, especially the “military room, the doors will shut and the lights will go out. The place is said to be occupied by a spirit known as “Captain John”.  He is said to be attached to one of the military costume pieces in the room. In addition to the spirit of Captain John, there’s another John who wears a white hat and walks with a limp. 

Staff believes the ghosts are attracted to the theater because it is filled with old items.  Anything that could be connected to memory could have something attached to it. The ghosts are particularly active after the children’s shows.

Witnesses report lights have turned back on after they were turned off. They heard the doors to the auditorium open and they saw the shadow of a man in a top hat and cape walk in. Once, while staff worked on a stage set, a radio playing on stage turned off, then switched back on again, playing “white noise.”

Our Paranormal Investigation:

We hope to investigate The Bremerton Community Theatre after the Covid-19 Pandemic is over.