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West Sound Paranormal (WSP) is a professional paranormal research group based in Kitsap County, Washington, and services all of Washington, Idaho and Oregon.  The Group was formed in January 2008 by members with an active interest in the paranormal. Since then, we have bonded into a close family and an efficient team.

Our mission:

To investigate, research, and document evidence of ghosts, haunting’s, poltergeists and other paranormal activity.

Our goal:

To help individuals experiencing these phenomena to understand the reasons behind it and to help their situation. We have a dedicated passion for what we do, which is why our services are free!

Our Website:

This website was created in an effort to document paranormal activity. Inside we post EVP’s, Videos, and Photographs that WSP has collected on numerous investigations. While we love to share our experiences, our investigations are strictly confidential unless our clients give us permission to share them. Follow us as we explore the Paranormal.

Our Investigations:

West Sound Paranormal Investigators aren’t just investigating in order to capture some cool stuff on film (although it is pretty cool when you do), nor are we just looking for a rush (though that’s pretty fun as well) we have a deep understanding and interest in the paranormal and we want to share our knowledge and wisdom we have acquired through study and personal experiences in order to help people get rid of their fear.

Our Equipment:

Before the age of technology, people attempted communication with the dead using more “Witchy” tools, Things like Crystal balls, Ouija boards, mediums, psychics, Pendulums, Séances, tarot cards, etc. They have all been used to “investigate the paranormal” long before K2 Meters were invented. These “techniques” were viewed as Wickedness.

Today we have technology on our side to aide us in our investigations. More and more people believe in Paranormal. New Paranormal groups are forming every day. Ghost hunting tools are a big seller in today’s market. That being said, we use tools from both “genres”–the technological with all our equipment and on Occasion we will have a psychic when conducting investigations However, We will only do what the client wants.

Our investigations typically include audio and video recording, photography, the use of various detection devices, interviews, on-site physical experiments, and written accounts of whatever events that may (or may not) take place during a particular investigation. 

To learn more about our equipment please click on the Equipment tab. We take precautions to ensure the integrity of our investigations, including data validation, redundancy of equipment, and other quality control measures.

Our Promise:

Sometimes we find evidence of a haunting, and sometimes we do not. We cannot guarantee that the ghost or spirit you may be encountering will show up for our team of investigators, but we promise to make our best attempt to both document the entity’s existence and assist you with finding potential ways to co-exist with it. 

Thank you,
West Sound Paranormal