Place: The Queen Mary

Location: Long Beach, CA

Date of Investigation: 9/22/13


Since making her maiden voyage in 1936, this historic steamship has served as a luxury ocean liner, troopship and in more recent years, a stationary hotel. Some 55 ghosts are rumored to linger on-board, including Jackie, a young girl who can be found taking a dip in the swimming pool. One TripAdvisor traveler noted, “I want to believe that everything that we experienced was real. We did record some orbs flying around our room while we slept. (We set up our video recorder on night vision).”

Reported Activity:

It is said that a male ghost has been seen in the engine room where he was killed while the ship was still in service. There have also been reports of the sound of children playing in the pool. The most accessible haunted area is near door 13 in the engine room, where a young man was crushed trying to escape a fire. He was only 17 and had lied about his age in order to get the job. Another of the accessible haunting areas is the front desk of what is now the hotel portion of the ship. Sightings include a mysterious woman in white who will be sighted walking until blocked from view by a pillar and never coming out from behind. Also, a couple has been seen walking down the hall to either side of the main entry to the first class rooms, but are never seen in the hallways themselves.

Our Investigation:

We will be investigating the Queen Mary on September 22, 2013. Check back to read about our investigation.