Place: Hotel Leger, 8304 Main Street

Location: Mokulemne Hill, CA 95245,  209-286-1401

Date: 8/26/2009


California Historical Marker 663 lies with the Hotel Leger.  originally the Hotel de France, it also was known as the Baldwin Hotel, Union Hotel, and Grand Hotel.  The Hotel Leger began as a humble canvas and wooden building in 1851. When the devastating fire of 1854 tore through the town the Hotel Leger was not spared, it was rebuilt quickly and with much sturdier materials, brick and rhyolite, only to be gutted by fire once again in 1874 and rebuilt again.

During its heyday the Hotel Leger operated as courthouse, post office, gambling establishment and saloon. Interesting enough the tunnels that are beneath the hotel are believed to connect the hotel guests to the brothel across the street. Some locals believe that the tunnels were used for illegal ferrying of Chinese workers or the hiding of gold.

the grave of george leger
The grave site of George William Leger

The remnants of the circular area where the tunnel may have been located can still be found in the brick wall of the basement of the Hotel Leger.

Underneath the hotel, down a dank dark dirt path, through heavy iron doors, into a small domed brick room, in the far corner and under a dust-covered lead bar from which a rusted set of skeleton key handcuffs hang eerily, the mortared patch job can be found at the presumed location of the mouth of the tunnel.

Reported Activity: Every town has its ghosts, and sometimes they like to be seen or heard. The Ghosts here like to be seen and heard quite often. There have been sightings of George Leger walking around, inspecting his hotel. There are stories of a woman in white in room 2. Children are heard playing in the rooms and halls of this grand old building. They have compiled a collection of experiences from staff and guests alike.

Date of Investigation: 8/26/2009

The Investigation: We had heard about the hotel being haunted so we  went out of our way to go see for ourselves. During the check in process one of our team members got as pale as a ghost and mentioned she didn’t have a good feeling about this place. We were a little shocked when we realized no other guests would be there. A few hours later we were shocked again when the owners and staff left at 8 pm and handed us the keys to lock the front door after they left.  Three women all alone in a haunted hotel. Needless to say, we were all excited and nervous at the same time. Who leaves total strangers in their place of business alone overnight? who or what is protecting the Hotel and all it’s fortune?