Place: Gold Field Hotel

Location: Goldfield, NV

Date of Investigation: 8/23/09


In 1908, The Goldfield Hotel was erected over a mine shaft that had gone dry. The hotel was a welcome site to local merchants and town folk alike. The Hotel was owned by George Wingfield, primary owner of the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company.  The four story building of stone and brick cost over 400K to build and included 154 rooms equipped with telephones, electric lights and heated steam.

When Goldfield was in its prime, the hotel entertained and housed all kind of guests. However, as the gold began to run out and the town’s population started to leave, the Goldfield Hotel began to gradually decline. By the 1930’s, when the town’s populations was fewer than 1000, it’s had become a flop house for cowboys and unwanted weary travelers. During World War II, it housed Army Air Corp personnel assigned to the Tonopah Air Base. After the soldiers checked out of the hotel in 19445, the hotel closed it’s doors forever.

Reported Activity:

As for Ghosts in the old hotel, there are several, the most famous of which is a woman named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a prostitute that George Wingfield had a relationship with in the 1930’s. When she turned up pregnant, she claimed the child was Wingfields. George for a while paid her to stay away, fearful of how the situation might affect his business. However, when she could no longer hide the pregnancy, Wingfield was said to have lured her into room 109 of the hotel, where he chained her to a radiator. Supplied with food and water, she was left there until her child was born. Reportedly she cried out but was only met with silence, as George had closed the section of the hotel where she was staying so her cries could not be heard. Some say that Wingfield murdered her after the child was born. Her baby was then thrown into the old mine shaft at the northern end of the basement over which the hotel was built.

Afterwards, rumors surfaced that Elizabeth continued to visit Wingfield and the sound of a crying child could sometimes be heard coming from the depths of the hotel. Elizabeth has been sighted several times. Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures have investigated the hotel and have labeled it haunted.

Our Investigation:

8/23/2009 -We were unable to locate the owner to get access to the building. We were how ever, greeted by the local sheriff and our investigation ended.

Investigation was inconclusive.

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