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The definition of a Vortex is described as a concentrated yet brief area of high electromagnetic energy. Often a vortex appears as a solid (opaque) white or silver tube, rod, or elongated oval. They can also appear to be braided like a rope or a chain. A vortex is not an entity, or spiritual being. However, a vortex can produce a stream-like entryway to paranormal phenomenon or a gateway for spiritual entities to enter our existence. There are many different ways that people in general describe vortexes. Some believe that it is the mere result of electromagnetic fields clashing while some believe that a vortex is simply an electronic misrepresentation (defect). However, for us paranormal researchers a vortex or portal is one of many doorways for the supernatural to enter the physical plane.
Cold spots are described in our modern day as a small secluded area of intense cold at least 10-15 degrees colder than the surrounding area. Cold spots cannot readily be explained by other natural or mechanical causes (i.e. air conditioning, a drafty window, ice, snow or breath). Generally when a” haunting” or “poltergeist” is active, cold spots are prevalent throughout the home/area and even more so can be readily measured in specific areas of the dwelling where most activity has been documented. Cold spots or changes in temperature can be accurately read with an infrared thermometer.
Automatic writing or channeling is the ability to write intelligible messages without conscious control of what is being written. This technique is often used in summoning rituals. Individuasl or groups attempt to channel a spirit or entity into their body as means of communication. This method has the potential to be very dangerous. As with all channeling methods (Ouija boards, crystals, witch boards, etc) you are opening a gateway in which you have little or no control over who or what may come through.
Ectoplasm is defined when a physical substance manifests as a result of spiritual energy or psychic phenomenon, Ectoplasm can manifest into variable forms (i.e. mist, smoke, or spheres of reflective light.)
Answer: E.V.P – or Electronic Voice Phenomena – is a mysterious event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on recording tape, in amid static and other electronic media. Most often E.V.Ps have been captured on audiotape. The mysterious voices are not heard at the time of recording it is only when the tape is played back that the voices are heard. Sometimes amplification and noise filtering is required to hear the voices. Some E.V.P’s are more easily heard and understood than others. EVP’s can vary in gender, age, language, tone and emotion. They usually speak in single-words, phrases and short sentences. Sometimes they are just grunts, groans, growling and other vocal noises. E.V.P’s are categorized in three separate but equally significant classes. (Class “A”, Class “B”, and Class “C”) Class “A” the rarest however most significant identifies any disembodied voice that can be heard loud and clear and without misinterpretation or debate as to what’s being said. Class “B” the most common which identifies any disembodied voice that can be heard however with debate to it’s meaning. It comes through sounding sort of like a whisper. Class “C” also a common E.V.P which identifies any disembodied voice, change in frequency, growl or groan that is very difficult to decipher and is often debunked.
An appariton is the physical outline, shadow or full scale image of a spirits physical being. Spirits can take physical form and identify themselves in either full physical form or partial physical form.
Instrumental Trans Communication (I.T.C) is a technical term for “White Noise.” This method of spirit contact and communication utilizes an energy source (i.e. television static, amid static, etc) to manipulate the magnetic field for spirit communication. Spirits feed of off human and natural energy by providing the entity with a viable source of natural or manipulated energy. Spirits can communicate with us and in many instances even identify themselves.
A residual haunting is when a ghost, spirit or entity is not directly involved with the living. It is much like a repeat or playback of an audio tape or cassette. Residual haunting (s) is simply a re-run of auditory, visual and other sensory phenomenon. A residual haunting is sort of like an echo from the past. When a residual haunting is in effect the entities involved do not acknowledge our existence.
An intelligent haunting is categorized as an interactive haunting wherein the entity has the audio capability to hear you and respond, the physical capability to move or shift objects and the ability to manipulate energy thus producing manifestation capability.
Hauntings are spirits of deceased human beings appearing frequently in certain places at certain times. Whereas a poltergeist is an inhuman entity that attaches to either a specific location or individual and is generally linked to a demonic nature. Hauntings are most commonly linked to a specific place, area or tragic way of death. The differences between poltergeist activity and a haunting can be hard to distinguish. In the early stages of a poltergeist it may be nearly impossible. Haunts and poltergeists do share similar characteristics such as apparitions, strange noises, odors, moving or disappearing objects, etc. Poltergeists are usually linked directly to a specific person or object. Hauntings are appearances of entities in areas known to the deceased before their deaths. Poltergeists can be triggered by a living person’s trauma generally a teenage girl. Whereas an ordinary haunting is continuous over time and concentrated in the same area. Poltergeists build up over time to a climax and then start over. They can travel anywhere. Hauntings are not typically violent. Most poltergeists nearing the climax of their energy can become dangerous to the living thus inflicting both mental and physical torment. If you happen to meet with one of this kind, deal with it with the utmost care.