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Thornewood Castle is located in Lakewood, Washington, and was actually the site used in Stephen King’s Rose Red movie. While Rose Red is a work of fiction based very loosely on the Winchester Mansion, the real Thornewood Castle is still considered to be haunted. The house itself is largely a private residence, but part of it is rented out as a B&B, with various special events hosted.

Thornewood Castle has a unique history.  Often referred to as the House Love Built, the home was constructed over a period of three years (1908-1911) by Chester Thorne for his bride, Anna.  Chester, a founder of the Port of Tacoma, was largely influenced by the old English Estates and set out not only to make this Anna’s dream home, but also his own.

Chester purchased a 15th century English castle/manor home and had it largely dismantled.  Three ships were commissioned to bring the dismantled materials to Washington State for use in the construction, which was being overseen by famed architect, Kirtland Kelsey Cutter. 

The 54 room home features such antiques as stained glass, woodwork, and an art collection, all of which came from the dismantled English castle and featured gorgeous red brick imported from Wales.  The home was built to last for centuries.

While there are many reports of ghost sightings, it’s important to note that this property is still largely a private residence, and investigations are granted on a very selective basis.  “Gawkers” are discouraged, but guests staying at the bed and breakfast are encouraged to tell their own tales, all of which are quite positive.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

The most famous sightings include seeing Mr. Chester Thornton, who died in 1927.  he is seen throughout the home and the grounds, but not as often as his bride, Anna. 

Anna is most often seen seated in her former bedroom, perched upon her window seat.  She is seen gazing out her window at her beautiful gardens, but more romantically, she is often spotted by brides-to-be. Anna’s Suite is a popular room for bridal parties to use as a dressing room before weddings.  Many times, Brides will report gazing into Anna’s 100-year-old mirror as they put on their gowns, only to a woman’s reflection behind them, sitting on the window seat.

West Sound Paranormal Investigation: 

Thornewood is an estate in Lakewood, Washington. The estate consists of three buildings, including Thornewood Castle, which was built from the brick of a dismantled 15th-century house imported from England. The Castle was used as a set for the Stephen King film Rose Red. We had the whole castle to ourselves to investigate late into the night and the early morning hours. The Castle is very quiet. The overall feeling is very peaceful.  This is the house that Love built.

We got some interesting pictures, perhaps one of Chester Thorne himself. Some interesting Orbs but mostly a sense of peace. If this Castle is being occupied, they are angels.

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