Place: Colby Cemetery

Location: Port Orchard, WA

Date of Investigation: 8/17/2010


The Colby Cemetery was last transcribed by the Puget Sound Genealogical Society Cemetery Project on August 2, 2007. This small cemetery is in a wooded area and is on a slight incline, with a narrow dirt road leading up to it. The cemetery appears to be cared for periodically through the spring and summer months. It is divided into two tiers, East and West with a central road running from north to south which is now overgrown. The ground slopes down to the south side into overgrown woods and a pond. Remnants of an old wire and post fence can be found on the east and west sides. At the bottom of the Plat Map dated the 8th day of August 1917 is the legal description of the property and a Dedication signed by J.T. McPherson, T.A. Grant and Mrs. Jennie Smith. There is a Plot Map dated 1917.

The cemetery speaks of the diphtheria epidemic of 1904 , according to the Kitsap County History Book, when one-third of all those under 20 died. There are tombstones that date back as far as 1887 in this old cemetery and there are some that will never be found. 

Reported Activity:

Local Paranormal groups have investigated the Cemetery and reported seeing shadows and recorded voices. Some pictures of Orbs and just an overall eeriness.

Our Investigation:

We investigated the Colby Cemetery on Aug 17, 2010. The cemetery has a very eerie feeling about it, shadows in the dark, Orbs,  unknown noises, however our Investigation was inconclusive.


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