Today’s Sumpter Bed and Breakfast was originally the Sumpter General hospital. It was built in 1899 by James Stoddard. James and his wife Esther owned the local wood mill. The hospital opened in 1900 in the booming mining town of Sumpter, Oregon. It remained a hospital until after the Gold Rush. At that time it became “Miss Betsy’s Hotel” and served as a brothel to the town.  

Then in 1917 a fire started a few blocks away in the hotel kitchen and raced along the wooden streets.  Most of the town, nearly 12 city blocks, was destroyed. 4000 people were left homeless. Among the buildings destroyed was the Masonic Hall so later that same year they moved into the old hospital building. It then remained a Masonic Temple for 55 years. In the early 70’s it went into private hands and today Jay and Barbara Phillips are the 3rd private owners and have restored it to its original grace and beauty. They have run it as the “Sumpter Bed and Breakfast” since 1997.

It’s been featured on Ghost Mines and The Dead Files due to the reported paranormal activity.

Check out the two local Cemeteries and find out who is buried there, Sumpter Cemetery and the  Old Sumpter Cemetery

West Sound Paranormal 

would like to hear if you’ve had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please leave a comment below.

Reported Activity:

Reports of loud bangs, pictures falling off the wall. Guest shoes and eyeglasses are being moved. Lights and TV’s going off and on, Bed shaking violently. Visitors feel heavy depression, their energy being drained. This place is referred to as the “Feeding Ground” because the spirits like to feed on the energy of the living.  There are several possible spirits remaining here. for example,

  1. Spirit of James Stoddard (Died in 1925 at the age of 68 with Dementia), 
  2. Spirit of a miner named Fred Kane, who suffered from a brain injury after being kicked in the head by a horse at the gold mine. Fred fired his rifle, the bullet went through his stepdaughter Ruth, killing her instantly and wounded his wife Naomi. Fred died at the hospital after shooting himself in the chest.
  3. Spirit of Naomi, (Fred’s wife) mourns the loss of her daughter Ruth.
  4. Spirit of 5 women, one acts like the leader of the others. Dressed in black, they feed off the energy of the guests.
  5. Spirits of Miners who died horrible deaths from cave-ins and explosives at the Gold mines. 
  6. Spirit of women who had miscarriages. 
  7. Some are crawling in bed with guests in room 6.

Our Investigation: 

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