Hot Lake Hotel (also known as Hot Lake Resort) is a historic Colonial Revival hotel originally built in 1864 in Hot LakeUnion CountyOregonUnited States. The hotel received its namesake from the thermal spring lakes on the property, and operated as a luxury resort and sanitorium during the turn of the century, advertising the medicinal attributes of the mineral water and drawing visitors worldwide. It is also the first known commercial building in the world to utilize geothermal energy as its primary heat source.

After a fire burned down over half of the hotel in 1934, the remaining building was used for various purposes, including a retirement home, asylum, and a nurse’s training school during World War II. After that, operations were intermittent under various owners before the building’s abandonment in 1991. The hotel and surrounding structures were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Today, it is operated as a bed and breakfast, museum, and spa. Prior owners included future governor Walter M. Pierce and former state senator Parish L. Willis.

Hot Lake Lodge

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Reported Activity:

Visitors and staff often report seeing an apparition of a man wearing work clothes walking around the grounds. He is believed to be the old gardener.

Apparitions have been seen inside the building. They are thought to be patients during the time the building was used as an asylum.

 There are reports of strange voices, screams, cries, whispering, and footsteps in the various parts of the hotel.  Chairs moving on their own accord. Things slithering under the water in nearby ponds. You name it, the hotel has it.

Ghostly piano music coming from the third floor is heard often. Robert E. Lee‘s wife, Mary Anna use to visit the hotel often. She would often bring with her a small piano. 

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