The Gooding University was built in 1917.  At the time, it was the only place of higher education in Idaho between Caldwell and Pocatello. The school fell under financial hardship during the great depression. It closed in 1938 after 21 years of operation.

The building which served as the dormitory sat empty for nine years. It opened back up in 1947 when it was converted into a Tuberculosis Hospital. It was soon considered one of the most advanced hospitals in the entire country to specialize in TB. The Tuberculosis hospital closed down officially in 1967.

For the next 37 years, it is unclear if it remained closed. Ghost adventures mentioned it was an Insane Asylum during this time. The structure opened back up in 2004 as the “Get Inn Bed and Breakfast“. The Get Inn closed down in 2012.

Another owner came along and re-opened the building as the Gooding University Inn and Resort. The owner describes it as a unique opportunity to sleep in a historic dormitory. Its prime location makes it great for exploring southern Idaho’s greatest attractions. This unique B&B capitalized on its haunted reputation and welcomed paranormal investigators to spend the night. Numerous ghost hunting groups have tried their hand at exploring the ex-hospital for any sort of ghostly activity. Check out their Facebook page here.

West Sound Paranormal

would like to hear if you’ve had a paranormal experience here or if you have any additional information about this location, please leave a comment below.   

Reported Paranormal Activity:

Witnesses have reported seeing apparitions of an old man in a white coat and a woman with a young girl. Mysterious whispers and footsteps down empty hallways are also a common unexplained occurrence. There’s no doubt that this building saw a lot of pain during its time as a hospital, and it seems that some patients never really left.

Watch Ghost Adventures, Season 21 Episode 6.

Our Investigation:

West Sound Paranormal had the entire place to investigate. There were no other guests.  4 Investigators from WestSound Paranormal participated. There were no other guests. Each Investigator had their own room. Rooms 3, 6 and 19 and 20

Equipment used – EMF readers, K-II meters, 8 Video Cameras, 8 Trail cams, 12 Audio recorders, digital cameras, flashlights, Spirit boxes, REM Pods, and trigger objects


1 video camera with audio placed in the east wing along with a Rem Pod

1 video camera with audio placed in the west wing

1 video camera with audio was placed in the surgical room.

1st floor

1 video camera with audio was placed in the hallway along with a Rem Pod. 1 video camera with audio was placed in the lobby and 1 video camera with audio placed in the kitchen area

2nd floor

1 video camera with audio placed in the east wing and 1 video camera with audio placed in the west wing


1 trail cam was placed in the west wing along with one audio recorder. 1 trail cam placed in the east wing along with one audio recorder


Sunny, warm, and breezy at times.  

During our Investigation:

While down in the basement, one investigator from WSP saw a ball of light pass by her. This series of pictures was taken on a trail cam. It caught the ball of light and her turning as she watched it go by.




In the Attic, one investigator from WSP heard footsteps behind her.  No one was there. The following day we spoke with Gloria who told us that was a common experience in the attic. 

More will be posted as we go through our photos and video.

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