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The Geiser Grand Hotel opened in November of 1889, during the midst of the gold rush. Originally named Hotel Warshauer, it was renamed The Geiser Grand when Albert Geiser bought it in 1900.

The hotel is stunning. It received a thorough renovation in the 1990s that restored its beautiful stained-glass ceiling, mahogany woodwork, and intricate chandeliers.

Back in its early days, the Geiser Grand was THE place to go for social events and fine dining. It was called “The Queen of the Mines,” and wealthy residents of Baker City and their guests partied here every weekend.

Some of those folks from the early 20th century may have never left the hotel; there are several stories of hauntings here and based on various reported sightings, the hotel may be haunted

Reported Paranormal Activity:

One of the Geiser Grand’s most famous ghosts is known as “Granny Annabelle,” one of the hotel’s owners. She lived in room 302 and spent many evenings entertaining guests in the bar with her stories. Many guests have seen her, too. They report seeing a beautiful woman in a blue gown descending the stairway. As she reaches the bottom, she disappears right into the wall.

Room 302 is located in the hotel’s cupola, and it’s also reported to be haunted by the woman in blue.

Guests report that items are often moved from one place to another. Granny Annabelle doesn’t seem to be a dark presence – she’s more mischievous than threatening.

Other ghosts at the Geiser Grand include a young girl, a former saloon dancer, and a cowboy.
While most of the ghosts seem to be harmless, they often wake guests up in the middle of the night with their wanderings.

Visit Geiser Grand Hotel’s website to make your reservation, and give the hotel’s Facebook page a follow to see what’s new there.

Our Investigation: 

When: August 21, 2021 to August 22, 2021

Who: 5 Investigators will participate from WestSound Paranormal

Where: Geiser Grand Hotel, Baker City, Oregon

Equipment used – EMF readers, K-II meters, Video Cameras, DVR, Trail cams, Audio recorders, digital cameras, flashlights and Spirit box, SLS Camera.


Our Findings:


Video’s of our EVP sessions 


EVP’s caught on our audio recorder. 

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