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Today, Factors’ Walk is lined with art shops, restaurants, and more dumpsters than we wish, But picture this area back in the mid-1800s. Savannah was the leading exporter of Savannah in the entire world. That is how Factors’ Walk got its name after all. The people who set the prices for cotton and many other exports were called Factors. In some of the buildings, you walk past men who made decisions that affected economies around the world. It was also through this area that tens, if not hundreds of thousands of slaves were brought through during the 1700 and 1800s. The slaves were unloaded from the ships and marched into the buildings along River Street. They were then lead out the back of the buildings, into Factors’ Walk.

One of the more intriguing features of Factors’ Walk is the sealed-off tunnel entrances. These tunnels, which lead from Factors’ Walk…under Bay Street…and into the basements of buildings along Bay Street, have been the subject of much conjecture and theory. These tunnels were used to transport slaves to holding areas, without being seen. There are also stories about people being bricked up in the walls.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

The sorrow and helpless feelings of these men, women, and children can still be felt in the area. Some of the most common ghost and paranormal entities in the Factors’ Walk area are shadow figures. This black, darker than dark figures take the shape of a human and they sneak through the cobblestone-lined streets of Factor’s Walk. You won’t be the first guest on our ghost tour to exclaim that you just saw a tall shadow sneaking up on you from the corner of your eye. Just make sure they don’t follow you home…

Like many areas in Savannah, shadow people are often seen moving through the nighttime. While not accessible anymore, the tunnels which originate in the Factors’ Walk area have been known to send ghastly moans into the still night air.

Time and time again on the Grave Tales tour our group has heard footsteps approaching them from behind. One by one everyone turns around to see who is there…but there is nothing but the dark of the night. Now, everyone knew they heard the steps. They were loud as if someone was running towards them, but there was nothing there. 

Our Investigation:

Our full report will be posted soon.

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