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Located at 5000 Central Ave SE, this is one of the older motels in Albuquerque. The motel is inexpensive for bleary-eyed drivers. It was used as a location for the film “No Country for Old Men”.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

According to various witnesses, the motel is haunted. Supposedly, there are cold spots in several places of the hotel, as well as strange voices that emanate from some of the rooms’ bathrooms. One witness claims that a faucet in the bathroom came on all by itself, whereas another person claimed that the television kept turning on and off on its own, with a new channel coming on each time.

One witness claims that room 109 in this hotel is a source of much poltergeist activity. Another said that her room door kept unlocking, from the inside. Other experiences include the feelings of being watched or studied, small objects moving from place to place, and the presence of someone who is either very angry or simply depressed. In rare instances, people claimed to have heard a low grunting sound, and at times, a high-pitched howl.

One particularly chilling report is that some people claim that they have had their hair pulled or back touched while taking a shower in one of the motel’s rooms.

Visitors report cold spots, voices in the bathroom, water faucets that would turn on by themselves, the door unlocks by itself, and TVs with minds of their own.

As with most hauntings, some skeptics claim that the room 109 stories are the stuff of urban legends. If you plan to check out the place yourself, be aware that most of the reviews of this motel on websites are negative, with tales of bedbugs, spiders, criminal activity, and the like.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

We’re sorry. This Hotel, haunted or not, was too dirty to even check in. We choose to stay at another hotel. Since our visit, this hotel was rebuilt.