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The Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel was constructed in 1896. The structure includes three levels intended for commercial use. Tense fighting between the mining union and those who owned the mines lead to extreme violence in Cripple Creek. The situation became so bad that the governor declared martial law. The National Guard arrived and took over to bring peace (and, inevitably, restrict many of the rights of those who lived in the town).

In time the situation calmed and the National Guard withdrew, but so did the prosperity of the mining community. Many found that gold was becoming more and more difficult to locate. Residents began to leave, looking for greener pastures elsewhere. The population dwindled to approximately 100 individuals by 1970, making it a ghost town.

Gambling was introduced in the 1990s which revived Cripple Creek. New businesses and families moved into the area and today the town is home to a strong community. The Colorado Grande Casino and Hotel stood throughout all the turmoil and strife, witness to the ugly underbelly of past decades as well as the positive renewal in recent years.

Reported Paranormal Activity:

People have experienced the auditory, tactile paranormal activity and the occasional appearance of this cheerful spirit of Maggie for many years.

There is also strong hard evidence of Maggie and her spectral friend. Casino footage of Maggie and her male companion playing with the slot machines was recorded on the security cameras, though this footage mysteriously disappeared from the safe; either by a person not eager to display evidence of the haunting or by the spirits themselves.

Colorado Researchers of Paranormal Science investigated the building and caught an EVP, which is posted on their website.

The female investigators had some personal experiences with Maggie, when they went as a group of ladies, both up in Maggie’s favorite room, and in the restaurant.

They thought of a creative way to engage Maggie by inviting her to have some tea with them in the restaurant.
Maggie accepted their offer and made her presence known with a real strong aroma of roses. To read about both their experiences, read it for yourself in their initial report.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

We spent the night at this hotel and stayed in rooms 4, 5 & 6 which are said to be the most haunted.  We will post our findings after we return from our two-week road trip.

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