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Colonial Park Cemetery

The Colonial Park Cemetery is older than our country itself. It was established in 1750 during the British colonization of the land. Savannah was then the capital of British-controlled Georgia, the last of the original thirteen colonies.

Over the years, the cemetery was expanded several times until it reached its current span of six acres in 1789. The vast number of tragedies that struck the area would cause a constantly growing need for burial space. 

In 1820, when yellow fever spread across the country, many fell victim to the illness. The city was quickly overwhelmed with the bodies of those that lost their lives. Nearly 700 were buried in The Colonial Park Cemetery. The cemetery became full to capacity and closed its gates to burials in 1853.

Reported  Paranormal Activity:

Over the years, Colonial Park Cemetery has had many ghost stories of its own. Many people consider Colonial Park Cemetery to be one of the most haunted places in all of Savannah.  Visitors often see shadowy figures moving silently through the headstones and burial vaults. Some have seen a green mist floating through the cemetery behind Nicodemus.

 Our Paranormal Investigation:

This is a very nice cemetery. We had the chance to visit this place a couple of times. When we return home we will review our Video and Audio and will update this post

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