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Colonial Park Cemetery opened in 1750. It is the oldest burial ground in Savannah which can still be identified by your average tourist. There are a few burial grounds which were used prior to 1750. They have all been covered up, built on top of or paved over. The habit of building over the dead has earned Savannah the title of the City That lives upon her Dead. One of the oldest, if not the oldest, is at the south-west corner of Wright Square. Within the 6 acres of ground which make up Colonial Park Cemetery there are over 10,000 people buried; however, there are not even 1,000 grave markers. Many people were buried in mass graves. Others had their grave marker knocked over or destroyed. Many people believe this willful desecration of burial grounds helps to fuel the haunted activity which is attributed to Colonial Park Cemetery.

Reported Activity:

Over the years, Colonial Park Cemetery has many ghost stories of its own. Many people consider Colonial Park Cemetery to be one of the most haunted places in all of Savannah.  Visitors often see shadowy figures moving silently through the headstones and burial vaults. Some have seen a green mist floating through the cemetery behind Nicodemus.

 Our Investigation:

This is a very nice cemetery. We had the chance to visit this place a couple of times. When we return home we will review our Video and Audio and will update this post

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