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Belmont was established following a silver strike in 1865. Other minerals, such as copper, lead, and antimony, were also mined in addition to silver. The boom brought settlers in and the town of Belmont grew. In 1867, Belmont became the county seat of Nye County. The town boasted four stores, two saloons, five restaurants, a livery stable, a post office, an assay office, a bank, a school, a telegraph office, two newspapers, and a blacksmith shop. As the price of metals fluctuated, so did the fortunes of the town.

By 1887, several of the mines closed. In 1905, the county seat of Nye County was relocated from Belmont to Tonopah. The mine dumps were reworked in the early part of the 20th century.

The post office was in operation from April 1867 until May 1911 and then again from September 1915 until 1922.

During the 1870s it was known as a major mining boomtown producing silver and was rumored to have a population of 15,000. However, the total population for the whole county did not top 9,000 people until 1980 so the rumored population total is highly unlikely. Another source puts the peak population of Belmont at 2,000 in the 1870s. Like many towns which are now ghost towns, this one lasted for only a short time

Reported Paranormal Activity:

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Our Paranormal Investigation:

We investigated The Belmont Ghost Town on August 23, 2009. Our investigation was inconclusive.

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