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The Starrett House was built in 1889 by George Starrett for his wife Ann in the Gothic & Stick architectural styles. George and Ann lived in the home with their only child Edwin, his nanny, and 2 servants for more than twenty years.

The joy and peace that they maintained in the house are felt immediately by anyone who visits, and besides its beauty is what makes the house such a welcoming and comfortable place to stay.

The most prominent feature of the house is the free-floating spiral grand staircase, which terminates in a beautiful fresco painted on the ceiling of the 70′ tower, representing the 4 seasons. This impressive architectural feature acts as a solar calendar, and is what earned the house the nickname “The House of Four Seasons.” Only 1 other staircase of its age & kind still exists in the United States. Original frescoes adorn all of the 1st-floor public room ceilings, as well as authentic period fixtures and furnishings, including some of The Starrett’s personal possessions. 

Reported Paranormal Activity:

It is believed that family members visit from the afterlife. Guests and staff have sighted a red-haired woman on the staircase and wandering throughout the hotel. She is believed to be Ann Starrett or one of her descendants. Ann is often accompanied by a male apparition which has been theorized to be her husband, George.

The guest that most frequently interacts with guests and staff is a woman in a black dress. It is assumed that she is the former nanny of the house. She is often seen keeping an eye on the behavior of guests or attempting to clean the inn.

Our Paranormal Investigation:

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